Cycling Photos

I am no Graham Watson, but I have started carrying around my digital cam on some rides and trying to capture the scenery and the experience. »

2005 BP MS 150

This year is the first time the organizers had to cap the registration at 13,000, and that was 3 months before the ride. It's just going to be mad. But hey, that never stopped me. »

Katy Flatland Century 2004

This year's century was a bit more eventful than last year. At least this time I didn't bonk. »

2004 BP MS 150

I rode in this year's MS 150 from Houston to Austin, a charity ride that raises funds for the fight against multiple sclerosis. Even though it was the third time I've ridden it, it was definitely unlike any previous ride I've done. »

Before and After

January 2004. I'm nearing the two year anniversary of the new life on a bicycle. The other day I was wearing this plaid shirt that I haven't worn in a really long time. Stacey noticed that it's the same shirt that I wear in a picture she took in December, 2001, on our trip to Austin. She made me pose in a similar way while she snapped a photo. Even I was stunned by the result. »

My Bike Story

On a fateful eve in February, 2002, my good friend and almost-cousin Jay Resh suggested that I take up cycling as a way to lose weight. He has recently overhauled his beloved 1982 Mercian, though it was collecting dust in his garage. Jay wanted to see it being used. He meticulously outlined the physical, mental, economic, social, and religious benefits of cycling and I was convinced. Jay warned me that cycling is a sort of cult. I reassured him, and indirectly myself and Stacey, that I would not be swept into any such cult. »

The 2003 BP MS150

An annual event that draws 11,000 cyclists for a ride in April between Houston and Austin. Here's one man's story. »